Friday, 2 November 2012

Signature Bollard E1...

A solid looking bollard...

I parked the taxi-cab recently and went for a walk around Fort Street E1 where I came across a number of unusual old and recent bollards.

The bollard (above) caught my eye for a number of reasons. Look at the solid/sturdy square base with a slightly curved area which morphs into a cylindrical base that rises vertically to a pretty tall height. The main body has three ridged areas with a near half cannon ball top finish. Painted black/white the bollard needs no reflective markers yet it does have the odd scratch/scrap form larger vehicles operating in this area which contains many narrow streets/roads/alleys.

If we take a look at the photograph (below) we can at the top area of the bollard a person decided to sign/place a signature with a red pen. I've looked closely and can certainly make out the second name of 'gregory' I'm just not that sure of the first. Is this London's first 'Signature Bollard' ?

Who's signature ?

Bollards of London...

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  1. I have a friend, now i'm not saying this is his signature but i reckon it's his name . . Matthew Gregory . .