Thursday, 20 September 2012

The 298th Borough Market Cannon Bollard...

Borough Market Cannon Bollard...
Welcome to Bedale Street at the junction of Borough High Street SE1 where I came across a new (smaller) part of the Borough Market and this fine example of a cannon bollard.

If you look at the photograph (above) you'll notice the long body (barrel) and the slightly flared end of the muzzle with a curved/rounded end.

Take a look at the photograph (below) and you'll notice the rather large tall glass building in the background which happens to be 'The Shard' but with those two open window/glass areas looking more like eyes the building may morph into a 'Transformer' at anytime.

If we take a look at the photograph second from bottom you'll notice the muzzle and the centre of the cannon is filled in with some sort/form of mortar even more evidence that this is an actual cannon and not just a plan simple bollard.

Does the Shard look like a Transformer...?

Bollard Top...

A great piece of boll-art...

The final photograph (above) is a brilliant piece of 'boll-art' and a wonderful #guestbollard provided by Lee Dobson who happens to be a member of The Bollardorium group on facebook.

Bollards is on facebook too at so please do pop over and say hello.

Bollards of London...


  1. I call this brainstorming...hehe..nice pictures guys..

  2. Fascinating, all of it. The real cannon bollard is fabulous and something we'd never see here in the US. And the guest bollart is brilliant, it really had me for a moment!