Wednesday, 5 September 2012

The 293rd Guildford Street Bollards...

Guildford Street WC1...

Now there are three...

Welcome to Guildford Street WC1 a street I must travel down at least once a day when in London. Close to the junction of Grays Inn Road we come to Brownlow Mews where I found this rather warn slightly battered bollard(s).

If we look at the picture (top) you notice that it is a traditional cannon type design with three bands/ridges upon the body. An extra addition appears to be the stone protective bollard that has been carved/shaped to fit with the kerb and 'mind' the taller cannon bollard.

Taking a closer look at the picture (above) we actually see another bog standard type/design bollard (with red reflector) deny vehicle access to Brownlow Mews. Take an even closer look and you might notice the cobble stone/tarmac border, the dropped tactile block/brick kerb and finally the weeds/plant life growing around the smaller stone and cannon bollard. Our urban environment changes/merges just like the design/type of bollards we've found across the capital.

No actual photograph of a #guestbollard on this post but a link to a couple of websites that should make you smile and maybe get you thinking about sponsoring a bollard or two.

Recently on the twitter @ReevesHall pointed out a brilliant community art project involving bollards. I saved the link and only recently clicked on 'The Whitchurch Bollards Project' and was bowled over at the wonderful artwork placed upon 40 bollards. I know a couple of the designs and have featured a few of them over on 'Bollards of Britain' but I never knew so many bollards and the local community were involved.

The second future #guestbollard was brought to my attention via google news and I thought it would only be right to bring to your attention the chance/opportunity to sponsor a bollard or two. The bollards are to be placed around Richmond Green and would match those featured on this blog/site 'Royal Bollard of Richmond' (please scroll down after clicking on this link).

This Jubilee project is run by 'The Richmond Society' and if you click on the link you'll find all the information in the right hand column under the title/subheading  'Richmond Green Bollards Diamond Jubilee Project'.

Maybe you, a club/society or even a local/London school could become a sponsor ?

Bollards of London...

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  1. The project is actually run by the Friends of Richmond Green and supported by the Richmond Society, among other notable local associations. I think it will be a great scheme to return the Green to its former pre-war glory! very much in support