Sunday, 26 August 2012

Cursitor Street EC4...

Where's the sign..?
We are back in the 'City of London' at the junction of Chancery Lane and Cursitor Street EC4 where I came across a pair of bollards that look odd due to one of them having a large circular shape cast on the upper part of the body directly beneath the decorative ornate top.

Why would the corporation of London, the City produce a bollard which happens to be an odd shape ? The answer is rather simple this piece of road is now paved and they may well allow access for bicycles when the scaffolding and work is finished on the adjacent building. So the circular part of the bollard above would have an appropriate traffic sign placed upon it.

I am always pleased to work around the City of London and marvel at the architecture and sheer splendour of the old/new that clash then merge the historical past with at times an uncertain bold future.

The City is the headquarters for bollards with many fine examples from the odd cannon, those we see (above/below) and on many other posts within this blog/site. If you happen to be in London take a closer look at the street furniture around you especially if you happen to be within the City of London.

The odd couple...

Bollards of London...


  1. I think these bollards with their cheery paint schemes would have caught my attention even back in my non-bollard-noticing past. I'll be interested in seeing what sign they add to the bollard on the left.

  2. hmm..these bollards are really looks odd, otherwise bollard is the necessary as well decorative part of the pavement.

  3. I work in the building on the right (LexisNexis) and the bollard did indeed have a Pedal Cycles only sign on it, but it fell off about a year ago.

  4. The stree looks to be overcrowded with furniture and iron materials, the path is narrow, some parts are really very old looking.