Saturday, 9 June 2012

Regent's Park with #guestbollards from Brazil/France...

St Mary-le-bone...?

St Pancras Parish 1821...?

I was listening to the Robert Elms show on bbc London 94.9fm the other week and his guest was talking about to small posts/bollards within Regent's Park and out of interest I went and found them (above).

What a pair they happen to be, one made of stone with the markings 'S MB' could this be St Mary-le-bone and the smaller metal bollard 'St PP 1821' could this be St Pancras Parsih' ? I'll need to take a look at old maps of the parish/councils if we are to confirm that these mini-bollards mark former boundaries.

These two bollards are a remarkable find and not something you notice because of their size. London and its radio shows throw up gems all the time and Robert's show is always worth a listen on bbc radio London 94.9fm or i-player.

Tall thin Hexagonal bollards...

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil...

Yet again @nancyo on the Twitter has found some cracking bollards in Brazil with a beautiful statue/monument which happen to be our #guestbollard feature.

If you look closely you can see the tall thin hexagon shaped bollards with their red tops/caps (or not) which protect the lamp post from damage even though these have been clad/encased. If we take a look at the picture (above) we see the bollard stand out because of its red top but note the broken cannon which forms part of this statue/monument. Some of the original bollards here in London just happen to be cannons how ironic.

By pure chance yesterday I came across a tweet from @bbonthebrink who just happens to write a rather interesting blog and has even started to comment about bollards in France. Here's the link for her blog #thankyou.

Bollards of London (Brazil/France)...

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