Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Redchurch Street, London E2 Bollard(s)...

Zebra striped classic bollard...

Welcome to Redchurch Street London E2 and a series of bollards that happen to be different in design but all zebra striped.

We have a rather sturdy square based bollard that rises vertically and then tapers to form an octagonal tapering body shape that is topped off with a circular ornate narrowing curved near door knob item that finishes off this slightly oversized piece of street-furniture that is a bollard.

I do love the zebra striped paint job and the backdrop in the picture which happens to look extremely urban with graffiti coloured shutters.

Bollards of London...

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  1. I have actually seen this bollard, it isn't far from the "bagal shop" at the end of Brick Lane. Not sure if it was intended to look like a zebra? But it certainly does.