Thursday, 5 January 2012

Buckingham Gate SW1 to SE12...

Something Moon like about this bollard top ?

@Feisty_Onions SE12 bollard...

We are at Buckingham Gate SW1 in the heart of central London next to a London taxi-cab rank where I've found these wonderful stone bollards.

The top picture is an above elevation picture which shows the domed circular top surrounded by the octagonal shaped body. The main body retains the octagonal shape but this is only after the base of the bollard takes up a greater area of space than the upper part of the bollard by tapering outwards.

Looking closely at the top picture there is something moon like about the circular looking part of this stone bollard. If I'm honest I think the second picture which clearly shows the tapering body is very much like a Dalek.

Continuing our #guestbollard theme for January I must say the @Feisty_Onion on the twitter has come up with an absolute classic in the sense I haven't seen this type/design of bollard before. The bollard was found in SE12 which is a London Borough of Lewisham postcode and if I'm correct this colour blue is a colour the borough uses.

The Lewisham bollard looks if it is made of a plastic with a small circular base and then a rising squared column with white integral reflective strips/parts.

Bollards of London (and Lewisham)...

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