Sunday, 29 January 2012

The 200th Bollard of London...

A rare City of London bollard...

The 200th bollard of London is a short octagonal shaped one which I found on the Minories, London EC3.

It's a near zebra style painted bollard in need of a little attention. If we look closely we can see that it has merely been painted over. It actually needs to be taken back to its base metal and brought back to its former glorious self. The top is the orange squeezer style and very similar to the previous bollard except shorter and if we look really closely we can see the two wings which happen to be placed on top of a helmet which would sit above the shield of the crest/emblem of the City of London.

Having reached this milestone I think it's only right to take this opportunity to thank all of you who follow the blog, on the @twitter, have viewed, passed comment and emailed me pictures of bollards from Peckham to the good old USA. Please note #guestbollards return at the beginning of February so if you have sent a picture it will appear shortly.

With so many people to thank it's only right to start at the very beginning and my thoughts will always be of the late great BiG George Webley he was a good friend, musical genius, south Londoner and the inspiration behind this blog. I used to talk about walking around the capital (Talk the Walk) on his late night show on bbc London 94.9 fm and whilst driving, then walking around this wonderful city I started to notice an ever increasing amount of bollards on the pavements/roads. If you're looking down George from that great Orchestra in the sky I hope you're happy we managed to get people talking bollards !

Any journey/project will mean you come across people/organisations who help/assist or take an interest along the way so in no particular order here follow a few of those people/organisations who have done just that for 'bollards', Dave Hill , Laura Porter , Peter Watts (bollardarian), all at the Londonist , Patrick Baty , the London Historians , Time Out London blog, Peter Berthoud , Wapping London , Clare Brown , Renaissance Girl , Nikki Bedi , @DJConnellAuthor @PeterMannionMP @bathcat @missprofanity @DMARIESTL @Feisty_Onion @mrcudlip @m37411ic48 @obotheclown @Fat_Jacques @dancing_piglet @stormbasiat @WildGooseLeys @JimBobOH @MrHappySW11 @BrunoSW11 @vivyouell @andromedababe @HotelPRGuy @damongreenITV Vanessa Woolf-Hoyle , Nigel Howard , MapLondon (bollard map), Museum of London , tiredoflondon , Caroline , London Walks , Steve Emment , Jimmy Thomas , Lucy Inglis , Andrew Collins , Josie Long , Visit London to name but a few.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

John Kennedy,

PS just in case you're wondering the picture below is an above elevation of a bollard dated '1757' which I found on Friday evening by pure chance in central London. Could this be a mid 18th century bollard that I've stumbled upon by accident ?

Above elevation of a '1757' mid 18th century bollard...?

Bollards of London...


  1. Congrats on a significant milestone! Love seeing the bollards; it brings London that much closer to me.

  2. Thank you Nancy for the kind comments onwards towards the 300th...

  3. I want to congratulate you for this great blog, the truth came to this by coincidence, but I've read several articles and I like fabulous, I hope you continue well.

    A hug.