Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The 198th on the Minories EC3...

A very different CoL bollard...
We are at the Minories EC3 just within the City of London where I came across this rather unusual looking 'City of London' bollard.

Why is it unusual you may be thinking or even asking, well for starters it is cylindrical in shape with a semi-circular domed top. It is nearly zebra striped except the white top doesn't follow that pattern but on the upper part of the body beneath the white rounded ridge we find the badge/emblem or shall we call it a shield containing the centre piece of the coat of arms of the City of London.

The shield contains the cross of St. George with the emblem of the City's patron St. Paul, who was beheaded with that weapon.

If you take a closer look at the picture we can see in the background immediately behind our featured bollard a more modern type/design that we are used to seeing all over the square mile and its borders with neighbouring boroughs.

Bollards of London...

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