Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Wilmington Street WC1 to Sheffield...

Wilmington Street WC1 can be found in the London Borough of Islington and the bollard pictured above is very unusual and one I've noted before but driven past many times.

With an octagonal shaped base and slightly tapering body/column that leads to a ridge/rim with a bulbous shaped ornamental head. the sides of the head of this bollard is patterned with protruding peaked rectangles and finished off with a smooth raised top.

Today's #guestbollard is provided by the wonderful  horse loving/riding @bathcat on the twitter and in a complete contrast to the older bollard I've chosen in London (above) she has taken a beautiful photograph in perspective of a row of modern contemporary shiny stainless steel bollards that can be found in Sheffield (below).

Taking a close look at these modern marvels we notice the oval shaped small base that the main vertical body stands tall and true upon. The main body of the bollard appears to be near oval shaped or maybe more eye like with a more defined edge. The nearer we get to the top the greater the area of polished steel we can see giving this bollard a stunning edge and look and at the same time defining a border that most of us don't actually notice unlike a wall or fence.

Bollards of London (and Steel)...

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