Saturday, 10 December 2011

West Square SE11 to New Cross...

Close to London's Elephant & Castle we find West Square SE11 which is one of those secret squares that pop up around the capital from time to time.

Well this summer I happened to be in West Square and found this rather sturdy unmarked bollard that I've seen before around Camden but normally marked with a St Pancras Crest. This bollard though is devoid of any crest or badge.

The bollard has a sturdy square base that rises vertically and tapers inwards which changes the square base to an octagonal (8 sided) shaped body/top. Take a look at the second picture where we look downwards at the top of the bollard. We can clearly see the eight segments of the bollard top and the centre point which forms the peak. Also note the erosion or wear of the metal in the urban outdoor environment.

I love the look, the rib/ridge effect on the body of the bollard but also the colours of this aged piece of street furniture that merge and match the local environment.

Continuing our guest bollard theme through December and January I must say we have received an absolute cracker of a piece of Victorian street furniture that can be found on south east London's Old Kent Road near New Cross.

The bollard looks or should I say reminds me of a rather large oversized candle stick holder. With a square base the body changes shape at almost every glance or inch. I will be taking a much closer look at this piece of street furniture and will attempt to date stamp and see if this bollard is local and original early next year.

This beautiful bollard was found and presented to us by @LondonDreamtime on the twitter and please do log onto a fascinating website in its own right.

Bollards of London...

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  1. What a fascinating and beautiful piece of street furniture! I've just found you through a link on FaceBook but will be following from now on; I love this sort of thing and The London Book edited by Ian Hessenberg is my constant companion. Pity I rarely go to London now, but I shall enjoy the artefacts vicariously through your blog.