Wednesday, 7 December 2011

A Tale of Two Cities...

Welcome to the first of many guest bollards that will appear throughout the months of December and January.

A Tale of Two Cities (London/Birmingham), the picture above is of a pair of rather aerodynamic looking bollards installed at the BP fuel station on the Talgarth Road, Hammersmith London W4. I mentioned the pair of bollards looked aerodynamic and it maybe ironic that the advert on the petrol/diesel pumps is of an Olympic runner. Must say the fire extinguishers look clean ?

Below we find a rather ornate looking bollard sent to be me by @WildGooseLeys (twitter) and she is first with our look at bollards outside the capital.

This particular bollard can be found on Birmingham's Broad Street. The bollard is certainly ornate and is in stark contrast to the modern contemporary design we have seen above. With a near circular base that then tapers inwards and rises vertically with a general ribbed effect  upon the main column. The head of the bollard is circular with a domed top and square/diamond patterned sides.

Bollards of London (and Birmingham)...

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