Saturday, 17 December 2011

Lanesborough Hotel London and Florence, Italy...

On exiting the Lanesborough Hotel London by taxi-cab I came across these two bollards. With a large square base that rises vertically topped with a circular tapering base that leads to an octagonal column.

The column is tall even slender and at its upper most part is ridged which then leads us to a flared head that yet again is topped off with curved/ball shaped top.

The picture above carries on our #guestbollard theme for December/January and the beautiful picture is provided/supplied by the wonderful @clareangela on the twitter of a bollard lined street 'Via de'Guicciardini' in Florence, Italy I must say these bollards in Italy look rather contemporary but some how they fit in with the surrounding stunning architecture.

Bollards of London (and Florence)...


  1. You have missed the more interesting bell shaped bollard of East London, I am disappointed a mere bollard amateur at work here. Stu von Bollard.

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