Wednesday, 14 December 2011

The Chelsea Collection, Cornerpin and a Timeout...

Just by Imperial Wharf which happens to be very close to Chelsea Harbour a new singing/dancing rather swish taxi-cab rank has been installed with a set of new bollards on the right of the picture looking all shiny after a fresh coat of gloss paint. I didn't notice at first but was surprised to see and all the traffic bollards in the distance then the stainless steel bollards/posts which are also new on the left hand side of the picture.

It appears in these times of austerity we are still managing to fund local projects that generally improve the local environment, I'm just not sure we need to clutter the streets/roads with so many objects in such a small vicinity/space.

Now pictured below is our 4th 'guest bollard' provided by the @thecornerpin on the twitter. He's found a mighty good looking aged bollard in the St John's Wood area of London and one which I haven't featured yet on the the blog.

Well the bollard has a square chunky base that tapers and creates that now common octagonal shape. Placed upon the flat top of the bollard is what I can only described has an egg/acorn with tapering body/pattern. This style/type of bollard can be found elsewhere in Westminster (London borough) and the crest/badge looks like theirs.
Finally can I say a big thank you to a few people who have encouraged this blog/site. Firstly my friend the late 'BiG George Webley', then @AboutLondon @peter_watts @davehill @londonist @nikkibedi and finally Rachel Segal Hamilton of for featuring an article about these wonderful street/pavement objects.

Thank you all from Bollards of London...

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