Sunday, 25 December 2011

Cannon Lane Hampstead NW3...

The bollards of Cannon Lane Hampstead were mentioned on the comments section of the recent timeout blog feature. Well has luck would have it in the world of London taxi-cab driving a passenger hailed my taxi-cab and asked for Hampstead, how could I not investigate.

The very top picture is an above elevation of a bollard in Cannon Lane with water and the odd piece of debris/rubbish contained within the top/muzzle. Do not place hand or fingers in the top of this bollard/cannon. If we take a close look at the body/column of the bollard/cannon we note it is certainly aged and the end/muzzle is slightly flared outwards. If these are naval cannons I may take a trip to the National Maritime Museum and investigate further has to the type of cannon these bollards once were.

The final smaller picture (above) is of a similar bollard but with a ball (cannon ball) tacked on end and thus ending the problem of stale water sitting in the muzzle for ages.

Bollards (Cannons) of London...

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