Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Automatic Bollard and a Masterpiece from the King of Colour...

We are back at the Royal Albert Hall where I found what I missed last time I took a photograph of a bollard here and that is this beautiful sign attached to a rather average looking bollard.

If ever anybody was in doubt that bollards existed well here is the living proof that not only do they exist but so do 'Automatic Bollards'. Note if the red light appears at the top of this bollard please Stop/Wait however if the green light is glowing 'One Vehicle' may proceed.

May I thank the Royal Albert Hall for this wonderfully signed 'Automatic Bollard'.

Now via twitter I have managed to get to know a few people who do some fascinating work and I would like to introduce you to a chap named @patrickbaty on the twitter who in my opinion is the 'King of Colour'. You may be asking why I'm calling him that name well please do take a look at www.patrickbaty.co.uk all I will say further about his work is 'Benjamin Franklin'.

Now considering Patrick is the 'King of Colour' I am over the moon he sent me a black and white picture (below) for his #guestbollard ! What could I say when he tweeted this picture a few days ago and then sent me the picture via email except thank you. This picture is simply wonderful and proves beyond any reasonable doubt that other people were cataloguing these objects many years ago, the picture dates back to 1937 from a copy of Architectural Review.

Bollards of London (even in black and white)...

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