Saturday, 19 November 2011

Regents College, Regent's Park...

Every now and then you manage to enter a drive way of a building and come across a piece of architecture or in this case a group of bollards belonging to Regents College which can be found at the junction of the Inner Circle and York Bridge within London's very own Regent's Park.

The bollard is made of wood with a square base and no more than 2 ft tall. In the picture above we can see the bollard contains a light and marks the border of the kerb/grassed area. The upper part of the body of the bollard contains a ridge and the top has a very small peaked area.

Now the final picture below is a 'Bollard of London' map created by and featured in an event which took place on the 17th of November created by the Londonist and hosted by TAG fine arts of Dover Street, Mayfair W1. I must say it is pleasantly pleasing to see so many other people noticing the many of the bollards dotted around our capital city.

Bollards of London...

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