Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Bollards of Brockley Cross...

Here we are at Brockley Cross at a width  restriction which certainly has the full range of bollards/street furniture.

We can see the back of a 'cheap' bendy bollard placed in front of the dangerous backless lamp post. We then see the two main posts/bollards made of iron and just about recognisable considering the paint is removed due to slightly larger vehicles squeezing through restriction.We then come across the two bell ends, one sunken into the tarmac and the other sitting upon the pavement. Finally we find the fire gate bollard (lock/latch end) which is a simple circular design with top third of main body tapering towards a ball top finish.

May I say what a complete and utter mess of an area/piece of road, however within the chaos/cluster of bollards/street furniture there is a very odd aged even scratched beauty.

Bollards of London...

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