Sunday, 30 October 2011

Painting of the Bollards...

The City of London has been in the press recently for many different reasons but here at 'Bollards of London' the 'Corporation' is better know for having the greatest number of derivatives of bollards.

Presently all bollards within the City of London are getting a new coat of paint and here in Middle Street EC1 I came across another design of 'city' bollard that I've not noticed before.

With a square base that tapers immediately and then rises upwards for a third of its height before a cylindrical body/ring takes over and a more traditional column continues to rise upwards where the top is rounded off. We notice also that the colours of the 'Corporation' play a significant role/theme through all the different types (derivatives) of bollards.

Black/Red/White the colours for nearly all bollards within the 'City of London' the exception being Leadenhall Market and the odd stainless steel type/design. Whilst talking of paint/colours I came across a very interesting blog that just so happens to have some beautiful pictures of some rather dandy bollards that artists appeared to have painted themselves.

Bollards of London...

PS what a beautiful idea to paint street furniture.

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