Saturday, 3 September 2011

A Pair of Wapping Bollards...

Welcome to Wapping where we have found two bollards with a little difference and that being they appear to have a humped base which acts like its own form of defence against a kerb strike by a motor vehicle. Many of the streets and roads in Wapping happen to be cobbled, this a very difficult road pavement surface to drive or even walk over.

If we take a look at these two solid bollards I'm minded to think that the base looks like the foot of an elephant. The column rise vertically and tapers slightly. We can see on the body of the column two rings/ridges, the upper body of the bollard flares outwards and then curves smoothly to a tiered/stepped cannon ball top finish.

These bollards don't look that old (especially compared to last post dated at least 1887) but they are of a cannon style/type that actually fits in with the local wharfs/environment.

Bollards of London...

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