Saturday, 17 September 2011

Four Green Bollards...

We are back in the east of London at the junction of Wilmot Street and Three Colts Lane E2. This particular part of London is full of London taxi-cab garages and a constant hum of the near famous diesel engines can be heard from dawn till dusk.

Who though would have thought that this part of London would have the most interesting near artillery shell type bollards that I've ever seen. The bright green exterior certainly stands out against the back drop of a pale sky blue wall and old  brick work.

I'm not sure about the connecting kinked bars that add little and serve no purpose. These bollards really do look like artillery or tank shells.

Bollards of London...


  1. Are the paint job and kinky railings a later addition, do you think? The "shell" shape looks 60s.

  2. How very bizarre.

    I presume the kinky railings are an homage to the symbolic representation (somewhat unrelated to any reality) of the Thames in the logo of the local Tower Hamlets council. (see at the top left of )

    The design (which I presume - but could be wrong - dates back to the foundation of LBTH in 1965) fell out for use for a time in the mid-1980s (when the "neighbourhood" rather than borough was emphasised there - many wonderful road signs of many colours and logos resulted, one of which can be seen in the uppermost photo here - but was reintroduced sometime more recently.

    Doesn't really work as a railing feature though

  3. Maybe the wavy bits are something to chain your bike to?

  4. These bollards were put in to link two stations, Bethnal Green Underground Station(Roman Road/Cambridge Heath Road/Bethnal Green Road) and Bethnal Green Overground Station (Tapp Street/ Three Colts Lane. I believe they have writing cast into them to guide the traveller, unfortunately it's down near the base as the designer saw the initial bollard design complete with the root which sits under the ground when installed.