Sunday, 14 August 2011

The Raft London...

We have reached another milestone and I'm pleased to present you with the 150th bollard of London at the Raft (Rail Air Freight Terminal) which is the Gatwick Express terminal/ rank for London taxi-cabs. I must admit I have driven a taxi-cab for over 15 years and I never knew why this rank was called the Raft, a special thank you to all my colleagues on twitter.

If we look at the picture above you may notice you've seen this particular type of bollard before. It has a circular base near cylinder shape that tapers slightly towards a wider flat (slightly domed) top. The body/column of the bollard is not smooth which deters the sticker/flyer brigade.

Very rare to find a red coloured bollard the majority tend to be black in colour. This one certainly needs a little repositioning and a good wash/lick of paint.

150 not out and we march on towards the 200th.

Bollards of London...


  1. What a brilliant bit of quirky research. Our Estate has in excess of 500 bollards consisting of 21 different models that have haphazardly over the years created a rich mismatched mix. We are interested in replacing them all with one model and are hunting for the ideal replacement. Any recommendations / suggestions?

    We are also exploring the introduction of a fun element, a la

    The Residents Association,

  2. Hi there. I run the website Bollards Direct Am sure we could help you with your bollard requirements as we do generous discounts on bulk orders. Do you have a number I can get hold of you on? Kind regards Gareth Robinson