Monday, 29 August 2011

The Holy Grail of Bollards...?

Whilst pushing (driving) my taxi-cab around the capital I end up in streets and roads that most would never walk nor even drive down and out of the corner of my eye I noticed this most amazing looking bollard that obviously dates back to the late 19th or early 20th century.

So have we found the Holy Grail of Bollards well the answer is no, but we have found a bollard with a direct link to the "Imperial Saw Mill" which used to be here in Wenlock Road. If we click on the following link we will find a page that tells a tale of bankruptcy and a Victorian past. If you read the "Adjudications" page of "The London Gazette" dated April the 15th 1887 and look at the fourth case down we can see that the businesses filed for bankruptcy in the January of 1887 and the order was made on the 7th of April 1887.

The bollard is a relic of the 19th century and part of an industrial past that has gone. However take a look around the city and amongst all the street furniture and bollards we still see a city that never fails to reinvent itself by modernising and preserving the best of the past whilst building the future. Honestly who would have thought a dandy looking Victorian bollard would have such an interesting tale to tell.

Bollards of London...

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Lomond Grove SE5...


We are still in South East London and I'm still wandering around the streets/roads of the district area called Camberwell and my does this area throw up a few odd shaped bollards.

These bollards protect a kerb and stop people from parking at or near the fire/access gate/area to the local council estate. The bollards are painted a brilliant matt white are made of concrete. Cylindrical in shape with a very slight taper to the main stumpy body. The top is ever so slightly curved but not enough to stop you placing a cup or drink on if you can stoop that

Bollards of London...

Friday, 26 August 2011

Cook's Road SE17...

We are in South East London in an area known as Walworth bordering the trendy well known area of Camberwell. Here we have come across a row of square based tapering body square topped bollards.

The bollards are made of concrete and clearly divide  the pavement area outside these homes. I must say the row or line of bollards is dead straight, a simple act of perfection.

Bollards of London the 151st...

Sunday, 14 August 2011

The Raft London...

We have reached another milestone and I'm pleased to present you with the 150th bollard of London at the Raft (Rail Air Freight Terminal) which is the Gatwick Express terminal/ rank for London taxi-cabs. I must admit I have driven a taxi-cab for over 15 years and I never knew why this rank was called the Raft, a special thank you to all my colleagues on twitter.

If we look at the picture above you may notice you've seen this particular type of bollard before. It has a circular base near cylinder shape that tapers slightly towards a wider flat (slightly domed) top. The body/column of the bollard is not smooth which deters the sticker/flyer brigade.

Very rare to find a red coloured bollard the majority tend to be black in colour. This one certainly needs a little repositioning and a good wash/lick of paint.

150 not out and we march on towards the 200th.

Bollards of London...

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

London Underground Ruislip Garden Station...

Ruislip Garden Station is on the central line of London's Underground and very close to RAF Northolt and bordering the car park at this suburban station are these rather odd looking painted bollards. They remind me of sponge fingers used in trifles dipped in dark chocolate. 
The bollards here are made of concrete with a circular base that taper slightly with a domed top.
Bollards of London...