Tuesday, 7 June 2011

St Michael's Church - Chester Square SW1...

If you happen to be in the area of Belgravia or Elizabeth Street do take a wander around Chester Square SW1 and admire the beautiful St Michael's Church of England.

At the rear of the church you'll find this beautiful but lonely bollard painted a sunburst red with a simple domed top. A third of the way up the main circular column you come across a ridged/ring that is painted gold. The ring is repeated a further two thirds up the column and just before the ball/domed top.

This is a rather beautiful looking bollard which contrasts well with the pinkish paving slabs and the yellow/greying church stone walls.

Bollards of London...


  1. That is indeed a striking bollard. John. I also look closely at London's (well, not only London's) street furniture. Photography-wise, I'm fascinated with the imperfect textures of streets and buildings - cracked bricks, stained paving slabs etc. You may like some of my pics. They are here: www.thisismyengland.blogspot.com - the site also has poems, short stories and some other writing, which might not be to your taste, I don't know. But, from looking at this and your 'benches' blog, I think you may appreciate some of the pics.

  2. as well as good bollards, St Michael's does great music and there is a concert on 12th September, Faure Requiem and Vaughan Williams
    please come and be bowled over