Thursday, 23 June 2011

Islington N.1...

Thornhill Road, Islington N.1 is a rather pleasant even village like part of north London. The local council is known to be keen on traffic calming measures and they plant bollards, bumps, humps, lumps quicker than most councils within the capital.

Thornhill Road is very narrow and heavy vehicles are discouraged from travelling on roads other than the main ones. The island here is a good example of a rather ugly/odd width restriction in the centre of the road.

At either end of the island we see the standard keep left traffic bollard in the middle we see two of the "bell" type bollards however either side we have these rather odd looking narrow slightly curved almost bottle like bollards that can be found to the left of the traffic bollard. This particular type of bollard can be found else where in London.

When all these bollards are placed on the traffic island/width restriction I must say doesn't it look rather ugly.

Bollards of London...

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  1. The bollards at the side of the island are Kerb Protection bollards produced by Cast Iron Services. They were first used in Roman Road E2, the section between Bethnal Green Road and Twig Folly Bridge in approx 1992/3 and were designed in conjunction with the local authority for that particular street. All those placed back then remain today undamaged although in need of a repaint.

    They have since been used in a lot of other places, they do a really good job of protecting footways from over running heavy vehicles. A few years ago in Wick Lane E3, a petrol tanker was immobilised when it got stuck on top of one whilst trying to cut the corner. After the petrol tanker was winched off the bollard was given a repaint, no other damage to it.

    They differ from the other bollards shown in the picture in that they take the place of the kerb so as to take up less footway room. They have a slightly rounded kerb face so they can be used in radiused kerb if required.