Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Duchess of Bedford's Walk W.8

We are at Duchess of Bedford's Walk in Kensington at a border of Holland Park where we have found three bollards that are painted white, of a similar height but very different.

The bollard furthest from us in the picture is pretty common upon many streets/pavements in the capital. The middle bollard is a temporary one that is held in place by a padlock and has we can see looks like the hole it's placed in has seen better days or this bollard has been bumped a few times by the odd car/van.

The bollard of real interest to us today is the one in the foreground of the picture and to our left. It is a cylindrical in shape and tapers every so slightly and has a smoothed curved domed top. On the upper part of the body we can see what looks like a crown or maybe feathers ?

If we take a close look at the other side of the bollard in the picture below we can make out what appears to be two crosses above a crown or a collection of feathers.

Bollards of London...

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