Friday, 20 May 2011

The Honourable Society of Gray's Inn Bollard(s)...

It is a privilege to ply for hire in a taxi-cab in London for you manage to see places and things that many never will and true to form I managed to drop off at Gray's Inn recently and what did I find but plenty of Gray's Inn Bollards.

The actual design of bollard is in the tradition of a "cannon" notice the domed cannon balled top. However as we look at the main column/body of the bollard you'll notice the "badge" with a Golden Griffin upon a black field. The Honourable Society of Gray's Inn seal is the "badge" encirlced by the motto (in Latin) "Impartial Justice, guardian of equity, mistress of the law, without fear or favour rules men's causes aright".

The bollard itself is cast iron and sits on a square base, which then forms a sturdy slightly tapering column divided only by three ribs.

Welcome once again to Bollards of London...

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