Sunday, 8 May 2011

Big George Webley RIP...

This project is down to one man a radio presenter and a talented musician called "Big George Webley" who I had the pleasure of knowing. I've laughed with him, nearly cried with him and even fell out with him but like a true working class man he was pleased to hear from you and say hello.

He was such a talented musician/composer just read the credits of "Have I got news for you" and I'll always remember his wise words of advice "never give up the opportunity to keep your mouth shut", I can hear him saying that now...

I had the pleasure of sitting in a radio studio broadcasting with him, he was such a patriot and I'll always remember a broadcast about the "Cenotaph" in Whitehall with him. If you click on the link below you can hear the piece, to me the poem and the last post is a befitting honour to a wonderful kind talented man called "Big George Webley"

Talk the Walk the "Cenotaph"

The colour of the bollards says it all for me...


  1. RIP Big George, I loved listening to your show.

  2. All Souls Church, Portland Place, London W1 Tuesday night/Wednesday morning at 1.45am let's send Big George off on a stairway to heaven...

  3. A "Big" thank you to all who turned up to pay respects to a good man.

    Thank you all,

    John Kennedy.