Saturday, 16 April 2011

Back to the City...

Just when you thought the City of London couldn't chuck anymore bollard surprises your way they do.

What a jolly nice rather chunky dandy City of London bollard we have here too. It is octagonal in shape and the base tapers inwards with a layered effect. The sides then rise upwards and painted a gloss black. The bollard then tapers outwards and then we taper back inwards with a more curved rounded top. The upper part of this bollard is painted white with a bright red border.

This bollard is painted in the traditional colours of the City of London. However what is extremely rare is the crest upon its side, George Rex and the Crown above the initials.

This is extremely rare to see in the City of London however we are near the Tower of London and very close to the old Custom House.

Bollards of London...

PS I would like to dedicate this bollard to the quiz master general on twitter a @missprofanity be warned she takes no prisoners...

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