Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Wet Paint Bollard...

Whilst walking around Marylebone the other day I came across a real solid Mary-le-bone bollard, you can just make the lettering out on the main body of the bollard.

Very much cannon like, certainly has the traditional cannon ball top. Good solid body with three ribbed rings around the main column. The base is square and flares outwards from the cylindrical bottom of the column. What is rather sad though is the paint job, it appears that the local council just keep slapping paint over another coat of paint and although this may look fine at a distance when close up it looks rather slap dash and lazy.

Please do look at the back ground of the picture and I hope you've all noticed the pink chalk writing on the block brick paving telling us the bollard is covered in "WET PAINT" you may notice the little cute stone bollard protecting the corner of the building to the right of the picture with a big chunk of stone missing from above.

Bollards of London...

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  1. Bollards come in many shapes and sizes and although I've occasionally noticed a bollard of interest nothing has surprised me as much as this one