Sunday, 13 March 2011

Vauxhall, Boro'Market and the Shard...

Working around the Vauxhall  area this week and I came across these rather rare odd looking bollards placed upon the corner of the pavement. Both are dug well into the ground and zebra stripped also. What I didn't expect to find was the date and marking upon one of them which indicates these are very old bollards 1813 and that they originally came from the "Boro' Market".

I have to say these bollards are taller than the average bollard by at least a foot but what really caught my eye was the near "Shard" like look to them. The Shard is a new building going up at London Bridge which is not a stones throw from the Boro' Market. Back to the bollard after it tapers upwards we notice an almost doughnut like finish with a very small ball placed upon the top.

Vauxhall, Boro' Market 1813 and a very odd link to the Shard.

Bollards of London...

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  1. Ah you beat me to them. I'd seen others 'elsewhere' from the bus have been meaning to grab a photo of these for you :)

    Tigger Snapper :)