Thursday, 10 March 2011

Grey Rusty Royal Bollard of Regent's Park...

We are still in the wonderful setting/place of Regent's Park and home to some of the finest architecture you'll find in the capital and probably London's finest park.

If you do happen to visit the park you will notice and see the various different pieces of street furniture and bollards many if not the majority with Royal approval (well crest/logo upon).

Here in the picture above we have a right grey rusty royal bollard where we can just make out the Crown above the letters GR "George Reigns". The bollard is battleship grey in colour and rusting due to neglect rather odd considering the royal parks are normally on top of there game when it comes to maintenance of any part of the park. The bollard itself is square based (4 sides) which taper slightly towards the top which then forms the shape of an octagon (8 sides) with a peaked/pyramid top.

No doubt we have CR and WR bollards to look forward to in the near and not to distant future.

Bollards of London...

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  1. I believe the R stand for, in the case of a male sovereign, Rex; for female, Regina.

    I stand to be corrected, of course.