Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Shorts Garden WC2...

Here we are at Shorts Garden WC2 on the edge of London's theatre land and in the heart of a rather trendy if not swanky shopping district. However one thing Shorts Garden isn't short of and that is the wooden bollard.

We've looked at wooden bollards in the past in the London borough of Wandsworth but here in Camden/Covent Garden WC2 we find two fine examples of well aged (just look at the colour of the wood) wooden bollards that are just so different in shape yet do exactly the same job has the young tree in the background they appear to be protecting.

The bollard to the right of the picture is square based and then of a rectangular shape that extends upwards and we see the groove near the top that leaves us with a neat looking cube effect at the top/head of the bollard. The bollard to the left of the picture is indeed rare a circular base with a cylindrical shape extending upwards with a smooth turned finish that also leads to a grooved area that then leads us to a domed shaped head that I'll leave you and your imagination to decide what it actually really looks like and that is a wooden bollard.

Bollards of London...

PS Can I say a big hello to a Graduate at UCL who is presently taking a rather keen interest in street furniture and the urban environment this post Ms Eugenie Scrase is dedicated to you and all the work the many students at UCL put into ensuring we have brighter better educated future.

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