Monday, 21 February 2011

Doing the Lambeth Walk...

Well I just happened to be doing the Lambeth Walk the other day and noticed just to the left of the sign to the "China Walk Estate" these rather odd looking 1970's concrete pebble dashed bollards.

You will notice that the bollards are cylindrical in shape and slightly taller than your average bollard too. Near the top we see two channels embedded into the concrete with a ever so slight curved top that is ribbed, in fact the lines on the top of these bollards reminded me of the lines that appear on food on a barbecue. Looking down the line of bollards you will see a small traffic cone sitting near three of them and on closer inspection you can see that at least three of these bollards are in fact fractured. The breaks are pretty clean and more than likely created by the impact of a motor vehicle of some sort.

Over the next few posts we will be mentioning a few of you who have helped to promote this rather odd if not quirky blog about street furniture and one of the recent and newest converts to the world of bollards is Laura Porter @AboutLondon (twitter) who writes the excellent travel website. We asked Ms Laura Porter what were her favourite three bollards were on the web/blog-site and she came up with the following:

  • Bollard Statues (Leapfrog) post no.39
  • Ello Ello Ello (Policeman) post no.18
  • Rather large bollard or a Dalek (Dalek) post no.22
Bollards of London...

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  1. Well done, what a lot of bollards! It's easy to notice the nicely painted ones with crests and what not but until now the rest have gone unnoticed.
    Mind you, Blooming continentals will try to one up anything you do -