Friday, 11 February 2011

Arthur Road Width Restriction...

Here we are at Arthur Road in the London Borough of Merton and in an area better known has Wimbledon.

Smack bang in the middle of Arthur Road is a width restriction and within the middle of the traffic island that forms the centre part of this restriction is the oddest looking "keep left" traffic bollard that I've seen or found within the capital/London.

The traffic bollard has a square base that then tapers upwards in a cylindrical fashion. We find vertical orange/yellow stripes around the column area topped with a circular face "keep left" sign. I have to say this again this is a complete one off plastic traffic bollard.

Considering we are only hundreds of yards away from Wimbledon Village this piece of street furniture is not only ugly but shows the local council up to be a little lazy at the very least. If councils are going to plant this sort of stuff upon streets/roads the very least they can do is maintain the street furniture.

Bollards of London...


  1. I always like to check out the bollards of London. There are so many different types of bollards in the world, it's amazing. I like seeing the unique ones that are decorated. I happen to work for McGraw-Hill Construction. When I was deciding which type to get for my front lawn, I checked out their website. You should see the many choices available.

  2. I just happened to read your blog last week through one of the Handpicked Facebook groups. I also happen to drive past this bollard at least once a day. I suspect Merton council also read it as today they replaced it. Unfortunately I don't have a camera to prove it but I know it happened cos they installed several temporary bollards (traffic cones) which slowed the traffic down enough to complete said work. Hopefully Santa will bring me a camera for xmas so I can send you digital proof. Merry xmas, Neil.