Saturday, 12 February 2011

The 98th Post...

Around the back of Cartwright Gardens WC.1 in the London Borough of Camden I came across a bog standard bollard with a Camden Council no dumping sign attached.

However as you can clearly see in the picture it looks like the Gods have dropped a rather large liquorice allsort and it's impaled itself upon the pavement next to the bog standard ribbed council bollard.

The bollard may well stop vans/lorries from cutting the corner but why leave the eyesore allsort sitting right darn next to it ?

Bollards of London...

PS Can I say a big hello and thank you to @davehill at the guardian for placing us in the category of "Top London bloggers" in the guardian online

1 comment:

  1. i suspect that the allsort is actually the older of the two bollards, and as such can be said to have more historic weight (as it were) than the ribbed
    next time i'm in town, i shall have to check out who cast the later one.