Saturday, 19 February 2011

The 100th bollard...

The 100th bollard (post) is here and who would have thought that an idea for a blog created in the front of a London taxi-cab would or could have ended up hitting the magic number of 100 (bollards) not out.

The bollard chosen by me to be the 100th is a City of London Corporation bollard that can be found on the corner of Fleet Street and Bouverie Street EC4. Why this bollard you may be asking ? The answer is very simple the Corporation of London is the bollard capital of London and probably the world and rather like the many financial products that are designed and traded here in the World's premier financial centre we can find many different types of bollards dating back to the early part of the 19th century to the present day.

This bollard is special in my opinion for it has a flat top, cylindrical from base to bottom with two outer rings near the very top painted bright red between these rings the bollard is painted white and bang in the middle is a shield containing a George cross. The bollard is a work of the mundane art that very few of us notice or even realise we walk/drive past whilst going about our business in the hectic world we all inhabit and live in.

A very special thank you to all of you who were asked to rate your top three bollards, your choice will be appearing in the next few posts with your twitter name plus embedded link to your website/blog. For now though the real champions of this blog are in fact the bollards themselves and I hope all of you take the opportunity to look at the environment you live, work and play in and maybe comment or even try to make a little difference to a bollard or place near you.

Thank you from Bollards of London...


  1. Has anyone ever done up a bollard as a Dalek?

  2. I love these records of the otherwise overlooked. I once thought of compiling a record of the old horse troughs that one sees converted to flower beds and the like. I suspect that most young people don't know what they are never mind have ever seen used in anger.