Saturday, 22 January 2011

Barbican Bollards of Bridgewater Street...

The City of London must be the bollard capital of London/UK and maybe the world.

Just off Beech Street and the Barbican Estate you'll find Bridgewater Street and at the junction with Viscount Street you find this rather odd collection of 1960's concrete bollards.

The Barbican Estate is a rather swanky 1960/70's concrete estate for the wealthy what is completely logical is the bollards match the design of this large residential/arts centre. Take a close look at the picture and you'll notice that we have in fact three different types of concrete bollards on display. One tall thin rather smooth domed bollard, then two rather stumpy more coarse bollards with a rather large channel near the base. The last bollard in the background is rather almost shell like and actually looks like a hybrid of the other types on display here.

On a rather odd but funny note we are pleased to announce that this blog is fast approaching it's 100th post (sorry bollard) yes this is no.91. Can we assure you all we have plenty more to come, in fact hundreds.

Bollards of London...


  1. Hi John, would it be possible to get a link from your blog to my bollards site? Feel free to email me ( :)

  2. This is one of the things I've always liked about the Barbican. Whatever someone's feelings on the actual design, you always have to respect the thoroughness and consistency of it all.