Monday, 31 January 2011

The 93rd Post....sorry Bollard.

We approach the 100th post (bollard) with a few crackers that I've found in the last few weeks dotted mainly around central London.

This rather odd even painful looking bollard can be found off Marloes Road in a private estate (rather nice too). It's actually designed to stop lorries mounting the pavement at corners of kerbs and damaging the footpath/paving stones.

What is odd is the fact it juts out into the road and just looks nothing like the standard bollard we find all over the capital.

Bollards of London...


  1. At a guess, and as a new visitor to Bollards of London, I'd suggest this one to predate motor traffic, and to be designed to protect against iron-shod cartwheels.

  2. Brilliant! One day there will be bollards that prevent banker's bonuses, cure cancer and find rhymes for the word 'orange'