Saturday, 7 August 2010

The City Collection...

With the return of bonus culture in the square mile I thought we should take another look at the city bollards and never fear the corporation must have a budget for bollards that would please some parish councils.

Back to the bollards here at Fann Street on the edge of the Barbican and Golden Lane Estates we have a collection of city of London bollards all doing very different jobs but still a generic bollard with a slight difference or could I say derivative (sorry couldn't help that).

The bollard to the right is part of a fire gate hence the chain/padlock draped around it. To its left is a no motorcycle sign bollard (this is a cycle/bike path), in the background we have a bollard which more than likely has a sign facing in the other direction and finally two bollards with the white arrow on a blue background denoting a one way direction of travel.

Next week Gray's Inn bollard and further bollards of the square mile...

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