Friday, 23 April 2010

Bollards...Square Mile does it again !

Here we are back in the City of London yet again and they never fail to prove that the Square Mile is the Capital of the Nation of Bollards...

Here we have a rather crusty even rusty looking poor Bollard which can be found on Farringdon Street in the centre of the road just before the junction of Ludgate Circus.

Now this Bollard is a little different from other Bollards in the Square Mile for it carries the winged helmet of St George on one of its sides.

The Square Mile is the capital of the Bollard Nation...

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Marylebone Bowler Bollard...

If you happen to be taking a stroll down Marylebone High Street you might just wander off down a side street and come across a very odd class of bollard.

I only found this type/design the other week and I noticed how the bollard doesn't taper towards the top but looks curiously like a bowler hat ?

Take a close look and I'm sure you'll agree with me the other thing you may notice is the scars or scraps where vehicles may have touched the bollard.

Marylebone High Street is a wonderful place but take a stroll around the back streets and see if you come across this very plain but I have to say pleasant looking bollard.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Doing a Cliff Richard ?

Here we have a Westminster City Council bollard "doing a Cliff Richard".

What is a "doing a Cliff Richard" ? Well I noticed when I was younger that on the odd occasion of seeing Cliff on television he was the only ever stage act that could lean at nearly 45% without falling over over or using any type of super glue on the soles of his shoes.

This sorry looking bollard though looks like it has taken a thoroughly good whack for the paving slab has cracked which it sits upon/within.

If you happen to be a Sir Cliff Richard fan please do not take offence, so on that note may I wish you all a Happy Easter.