Saturday, 2 January 2010

The leaning bollards of King Street, Covent Garden WC.2

A very Happy New Year for 2010 and the new decade ahead with a stonking picture of the leaning bollards of King Street, Covent Garden WC2.

If you wish to find theses bollards which I'm sure were planted in a vertical position get yourself down to the junction of King Street & Bedford Street in London's trendy and pleasant shopping district of the old Covent Garden Fruit and Veg market.

Now back to the bollards they are a rather bland bog standard type that look more like a cannon that the usual Westminster City Council one's we find littered all over the borough. These bollards though do keep vehicles off the pavement for we can see clearly in the picture that the cobble stone road is in fact level with the kerb and the pavement. It seems we have no end of money to spend on junctions like this when it must surely be cheaper to just have a normal junction with a tarmac road and with kerbs and a normal pavement which would then negate the need for these bollards.

Maybe 2010 can be the start of a decade where local councils cut pointless spending and start to think in a more logical fashion...

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