Sunday, 31 January 2010

Bollard of Balham...

Here we have a bollard of Balham a rather sedate looking green one that we can see standing alone next to a lamp post.

Mid green in colour and with a cannon ball top and ribbed with three rings placed around column. Balham like many parts of South West London is a rather middle class place and what we tend to find is that bollards match the social class of an area.

Take a look through this blog and you'll notice how the most dandy/ornate and therefore more costly bollards tend to be in the smartest parts of the city. So could we be onto something here, is their a economic trend developing based on even on street furniture?

In fact the only way for us to put this theory to the test is to keep snapping and logging where bollards appear/placed and then decide whether the bollard is of a standard that matches the social background of an area/postcode.

Who would have thought that maybe London's bollards are a sign of wealth within a district...

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  1. Close but no cigar ?