Wednesday, 13 January 2010

50 not out for Bollards of London...

Who would have thought it possible to create a blog 0n the 4th of May 2009 about the humble and sometimes dandy Bollards of London. Yet we did and here we are still pulling absolute crackers out of the tarmac/pavements

It seems at times that we really are a nation of bollards, whilst people sleep rough and members of our armed services lack vital equipment back home here in the UK but especially London we can find vast amounts of money to cast, plant, paint and even create new styles of these objects.

On a slightly less serious note we have pictured here a very old looking and rather dandy Westminster City Council bollard that sits proudly on the pavement by the most wonderful of monuments to the war in the Crimea. The bollard though has a semi-circular top and is slightly tapered with roses around its upper half & what appears to be the crest of City of Westminster. The lower half flares outwards slightly and we can just make out the date which happens to be 1909 a cool 101 years old.

Well what a bollard to find and what a bollard to celebrate 50 not out for this slightly different but important blog which finds, tracks and charts the many Bollards of London. A big thank you to Big George of bbc London 94.9 fm and how could I not mention Peter Watt's of the big smoke at timeout online.

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