Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Temp Bollard with a Warning to Dog Owners.

I dropped a fare off the other evening in Great James Street, Bloomsbury, WC1 only to notice a cast iron temporary bollard with a warning sign on the paved over part of this rather beautiful street.

The warning sign is to dog owners and informs them of a possible fine if they allow their dogs to foul the footpath/pavement. What I do (excuse the pun) find funny is the fact that dogs have a tendency to piddle up any vertical column they come across.

So yet again London councils dish up a variety of bollards that even I thought never existed.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Is this the perfect Bollard ?

Is this the perfect bollard ? Well in my humble opinion yes for it isn't bendy made of robust materials and actually serves a real purpose by warning drivers to keep left.

This bollard can be found in St Andrew Street in the City of London near Holborn Circus. It is made of metal with plastic inserts coloured yellow and then the sign is blue with a well lit white arrow.

The most worrying trend at the moment is the popularity of the cheap nasty looking bendy keep left bollard popping up all over the City of Westminster. Let's hope the City of London doesn't follow suit !

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Glue the Crest..?

Whilst soldiers are short of kit, equipment and helicopters you can certainly rely on a good London council and central Government to plant bollards all over Whitehall to protect buildings and their place of work.

However it really does take the biscuit when you see a bollard with clamps holding the crest in place just so we the public know who planted this piece of anti-lorry bomb furniture.

The country is in debt and local councils just keep on wasting money. A bollard without a crest would do just fine or maybe plant a few trees along Parliament Street/Whitehall SW1....oooops they did have trees and they cut many of them down.