Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Back to the City, to the City tonight...!

Yes just off Aldersgate Street and Long Lane in the City of London you'll find a street by the name of Newbury Street here we find a terrific collection of bollards.

The one in the picture is made by a company just over the water in Southwark, the company name is Bailey & Pegg, 81 Bankside. In fact this bollard does look like it's had a few scraps but it basic design is similar to the rest of the Bollard except is has a flat top that appears to be filled in with cement or concrete.

Now considering the roads and pavements are pretty narrow you'll find a considerable collection of varying types of bollards all within 4oft of each other. The diversity within the square mile is amazing and they have even started to plant wooden over sized bollards to.

So yet again we find ourselves back in the City of London and who knows what other bollards we may find here in the heart of the nations banking, insurance and legal communities.

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Bollard Statues...?

Yes just off the King's Road new but very pleasant Duke of York's Square we have a statue of a boy jumping over a Hans Town 1819 bollard.

I have to say considering the whole of Kensington & Chelsea is littered with bollards you wouldn't think it was necessary to plant a statue of one anywhere in the borough. In fact maybe this young lad has finally found the only actual real use for these rather costly items of street furniture.

I always used to think it was the Daleks that were going to get us has a child but instead it seems it may well be the town planners and the bollards...