Saturday, 8 August 2009

Royal Bollards with Integral Lamps...

Have a walk around the outer circle of Regent's Park and you'll notice all the terracing and the set back drives for those people and businesses who are lucky enough to live and work in the most beautiful place in the capital.

Who would have thought though that we would not only find Royal Bollards within the park but they would come with an integral lamp half way up the body. If you take a close look at the picture you will notice the lamp just under the Elizabeth the Second reigns marking along with the crown.

Now these bollards with the white light mark an entrance to a drive way if you come across bollards with a red light that would indicate exit only. The bollards here though are lightly ribbed and are of a solid steel construction, notice how they taper towards a flatter top. Eight sides in all and they do add to the decorative effect of this most beautiful of parks...

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