Sunday, 2 August 2009

Dual Purpose Traffic Bollard of SW10...

Here we have a rectangular shaped traffic bollard with square ends. This model/type were popular with local councils until the last couple of years and the development of the reflective flat bendy bollard which just looks awful and really does drag the tone of an area down.

This particular bollard is rare for it has too messages depending on direction of travel. On the front we see the standard blue circle with a white arrow asking all road users to keep left for we are actually at a give way. However on the left hand side we see the red circle with a with circular border and a white horizontal bar that informs all road users this is a no entry. The dots that appear around the traffic information signs are actually reflectors.

The bollard is made of plastic and a light is placed underneath and therefore this type of bollard is lit upwards. Easy to clean and very easy to maintain but it has been known that the odd person loves to remove these for some unknown reason other than boredom and the consumption of too much alcohol.

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