Saturday, 1 August 2009

Casting a Shadow on Pimlico...

It really is odd to find bollards of this type here in Pimlico right near the site of the Tate Gallery. These particular bollards look like they would be more suited to a dockside for they are dumpy and have a grove that would easily accommodate a rather large rope to secure a ship up to a jetty.

Well right here in the heart of SW1 was Millbank Prison (on the site of the Tate Britain Gallery) where people were sent before they were transferred by ship to a former Crown Colony called Australia. Transportation was a punishment back in the early 19th century and many didn't survive the journey. It really is odd how we walk on pavements and roads not really knowing what went before us.

Back to the bollards though, hopefully you will notice they are placed on the pavement next to cobbled stones and a raised piece of road so pedestrians can walk across the junction without having to step off a kerb. I'll say this again have any of these councillors ever thought what it must be like to be blind or partially sighted trying to negotiate all this street furniture ?

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