Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Beverley Bollard...

Well it seems it is not just London that has a craze for bollards. I was enjoying a cup of tea at a local cafe and I decided to glimpse through the Daily Mail (12th of August edition) and what do I come across on page 33 but a story about the "Beverley Bollard" yes three foot high bollards made to look like children.

It seems councils across the UK certainly do have money to spend on pet projects that do very little to improve road safety. You see if these councils didn't spend all this money on street furniture we would probably have enough money to spend on real Police Officers who would do a much better job at deterring people from speeding whilst also deterring others from committing more serious of crimes.

Who would have thought it possible that the bollard capital of Europe was nearly trumped by Leicester...

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